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The Mannish Boys - Double Dynamite (2012)

The Mannish Boys son una banda de blues estadounidense con sede en Los Ángeles, California. Tocando blues clásico de la costa oeste, Texas y los estilos de Chicago. Liderados por el vocalista Finis Tasby, la banda se compone de miembros veteranos, todos estrellas de la escena del West Coast blues.

TEMAS CD1 - Atomic Blues

01. Death Letter
02. Mean Old World
03. Bricks In My Pillow
04. She's 19 Years Old/ Streamline Woman
05. Never Leave Me At Home
06. Elevate Me Mama
07. Please Forgive Me
08. Everybody Needs Somebody
09. Bad Detective
10. You Dogged Me
11. Bloody Tears
12. The Hard Way
13. Mannish Boy

TEMAS CD2 - Rhythm & Blues Explosion

01. Born Under A Bad Sign
02. That Dood It
03. You've Got The Power
04. Drowing On Dry Land
05. Mr.Charles Blues
06. Cold Sweat
07. Later On
08. You Don't Love Me
09. Bed For My Soul
10. Why Does Everything Happen To Me
11. I Woke Up Screaming
12. West Helena Blues
13. Hittin' The Groove

Finis Tasby - vocals
Sugaray Rayford - Vocals
Kirk Fletcher - guitar
Franck Goldwasser - guitar, vocals
Randy Chortkoff - haarmonica, vocals
Willie J. Campbell - bass
Jimi Bott - drums

Johnny Dyer - harmonica, vocals
Kid Ramos - guitar
Ronnie James Webber, Ton Leavey - bass
Richard Innes - drums

Genre: Blues/Rhythm and Blues
Format: MP3